Our Journey towardsadopting Agile

Why Work With us ?

TekValley Corporation has been one of the biggest proponents and early adopters of the Agile movement. Since our inception in early 2000’s, we realized that gone are the days of fixed changes and slow churn rates for the delivery of software Products, we could see the need to embrace the rapid rate of business change and Agile was the philosophy that was geared towards delivering the business value in rapidly changing business needs. The Software Development Process of TekValley is geared towards complete assimilation with the values and Principles prescribed by Agile Manifesto.

At TekValley, we have mastered the Agile process at not only the small unit level but have successfully implemented and worked with Agile Methodology at multiple Enterprise Grade products and projects. The Journey towards complete Agility has not been easy; we went through the grind of not only completely retooling our process knowledge but also resetting our mindset towards Software Development.

How Do we do ?

By Investing heavily in hiring and training the personnel who can easily be part of any Self-Organized teams – A key principle of Agile Methodology.

By retooling our skill sets that is geared towards achieving Continuous Delivery and Deployment.

By building a strong team of Scrum masters and Developers who are proficient and experienced in delivering the Agile Projects.

The two popular agile frameworks. For our enterprise clients and projects where the scaling of Agile is a necessity, we have invested heavily in two popular methods: the scrum of scrums, and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Developed a strong suite of metrics based on Scrum and Kanban frameworks to track the progress of our Projects.