Some of our best clients are those that thrive on technology’s cutting edge.
It takes one to know one.

Just like us, our high-tech clients are all about turning new technology into business value. That’s why they hire us. We help them disrupt industries in areas like supply chain management, cyber security, market intelligence, process automation, customer service, and ecommerce. We also help them reinvent how consumers interact with each other and their content.

Take this project we did for one of the world’s biggest brands in consumer electronics and computers. The assignment: to develop a real-time social media data streaming and analytics pipeline incorporating indexed search using Big Data, NoSQL, and cloud technologies. Those included Hadoop, Spark, Java, REST APIs, web servers, Solr, Cassandra, Linux, and machine learning. The distributed multi-threaded architecture comprised messaging queues, full indexed search platforms, social media analytics, and custom-built algorithms.

Projects like this happen because tech leaders want to partner with other tech leaders. They understand technology themselves and have developed their own internal development methodologies and practices — so they recognize those same qualities in the development partners with whom they choose to outsource.

Tech leaders turn to TekValley in order to:

  • Augment their internal technical skillsets and staff
  • Accelerate time-to-value
  • Maintain focus on other development projects going on concurrently
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and improve budget accountability

Tech leaders turn to TekValley in order to:

TekValley is highly skilled when it comes to integrating with internal teams. We can turnkey the entire project or any of its individual phases — design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing support. We can also provide additional support in a joint collaborative effort where your team takes the lead on a particular phase.

We are highly practiced in agile and DevOps methodologies and strongly encourage skills transfer between our team and yours so you can take full ownership of a deliverable going forward. Our blended service model assures lowest total cost of ownership by providing immediate access to onshore designers, architects, and principal engineers with additional support coming from production resources based offshore. For high-tech firms looking to build on their cutting edge leadership this is a “total performance” technology partnership.