Banking & Financial Services

Financial institutions struggle with a paradox. They must disrupt while offering stability. They must innovate but also comply. They must grow by cutting. It’s an environment where TekValley excels. We understand the need to enable new innovative processes and workflows in the financial services sector. In fact, for one of the world’s biggest banks we built an institution-wide workflow management system based on web services.

Embrace change. Build trust. Demand performance. Thrive.

We also know how financial institutions can engage customers over an increasingly diverse set of channels and media. That’s why we built a unified customer messaging tool to deploy advertising on ATMs, pin pads, kiosks, and other customer transaction points — with functions like an ad campaign scheduler, campaign workflow system, ad pooling service, and security infrastructure built in.

Here’s how TekValley solves the financial services paradox:

  • We cut costs with re-engineered financial operations
  • We disrupt markets with new operational and customer service models
  • We enable compliance with rigorous attention to (and knowledge of) regulations
  • We defeat commoditization with higher levels of tech-enabled customer service

Technologies include:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • NET Framework
  • Silverlight Web Framework
  • RIA Services
  • MVVM architecture
  • Entity Framework
  • REST Services
  • SQL Server

A Financially Smart Service Model

TekValley offers a blended onshore/offshore service model that drastically brings down total costs while providing immediate access to critical designers, architects, and principal engineers. We take an agile and iterative approach to all our financial services projects where we respect existing practices and norms as we carefully transition you to the new systems, processes, and skillsets required to achieve organizational objectives.

Whether you are a bank looking to reenergize your marketing with a new web application or a financial services firm planning to revamp an outdated back office operation, TekValley provides the industry background, technical knowhow, and the tailored delivery model to meet your needs.