The Industries We Serve

Banking and Financial Services

From web services to workflow re-engineering to 21st century messaging, TekValley enables financial institutions to thrive in an ever more complex market across an increasingly diverse set of channels and media. We help institutions cut costs, disrupt markets, ensure compliance, and defeat commoditization.


TekValley empowers agile healthcare providers, health plans, and hospitals with comprehensive IT services, including development and maintenance, analytics and reporting, and cloud migration specifically tailored to this industry’s rigorous requirements for compliance, data integrity, and cost containment.

High Tech

Technically smart companies partner with us because they like our rich technology skillset and want to save time, augment their own skillsets, and maintain the focus of internal teams on other projects happening concurrently — all while reducing total cost of ownership and improving budget accountability.


Frictionless consumption powered by multichannel marketing has become the holy grail of retailers looking to cut shrinkage, streamline order management, tighten supply chains, and integrate online with brick and mortar. It’s called a digital transformation strategy, and TekValley can help you design yours.