Health Care

We heal broken healthcare IT — to enable agile providers, hospitals and health plans.

Like the industry itself, there is a massive IT restructuring underway throughout healthcare. Systems are being consolidated, records are becoming digital, telehealth is gaining momentum, health plans are launching web portals, and the rules are changing around compliance, reimbursement, and other critical healthcare challenges.

Welcome to agile healthcare — powered by IT that’s technically smarter, more holistic, and enabled by a blended delivery model that leverages elite talent and lowers cost. That’s what TekValley delivers.

Like no one else, TekValley understands and leverages the key driver propelling healthcare’s massive changes.

It’s potential to enable consistently better outcomes in information-critical settings for less money in areas like:

Development & Maintenance … end-to-end lifecycle services that encompass the entire technology stack utilizing best-of-breed methodologies to minimize risk and maximize return on technology investments, extending from single turnkey custom applications to an entire infrastructure revamp.

Analytics & Reporting … whether custom reports, highly intuitive user-driven dashboards and data mapping tools, or powerful number-crunching algorithms — or a Big Data solution that combines all three — TekValley has the proprietary solutions and advanced mathematics to readily turn massive amounts of data into clinical insights.

Cloud Migration … moving to the healthcare cloud means knowing how to mitigate compliance and security risks, how to realize potential economies of scale, and how to appropriately balance workloads across cloud and on-prem infrastructures — all skills TekValley has proved time and time again in multiple information-critical environments

Technologies include:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • NET Framework
  • Silverlight Web Framework
  • RIA Services
  • MVVM architecture
  • Entity Framework
  • REST Services
  • SQL Server

A Blended Service Model

TekValley offers a blended service model combining onshore and offshore talent. You get direct access to key designers, architects, and principal engineers at significantly lower costs. Our iterative approach respects existing policies and norms as you carefully transition to the new systems, processes, and skillsets required for agile healthcare.