To find their way, retailers must transform. We’ll guide your digital transformation journey.

Thriving in the digital retail environment takes more than just selling online. It means providing a frictionless multichannel experience for both your customers and employees. Do customers want to buy online and pick up in-store? No problem. Do store managers want to view inventory levels in real time, by channel and product? Easy. Does your order management system need new features like dynamic pricing, supply chain management, and fast business rule updates (like when your return policy changes)? You can do that.

The more you make it easy for customers to do business with you — to find, buy, receive, return, and get support on merchandise — the more customers you’ll have. And the more you make it easy for employees to process orders, track inventory, work with customers and suppliers, and implement business rule changes — the lower your cost of doing business and the faster you’ll outmaneuver competitors.

Working with TekValley opens up these possibilities, and more. We’ve helped sellers all across retail devise and execute digital transformation strategies. That includes a BOPIS (buy online pickup in store) solution for a multibillion-dollar seller of quality home products and a multichannel fulfillment solution that replaced a legacy order management system at a global home improvement brand.

Our retail services include:

  • Full turnkey lifecycle Dev/Ops based solution implementation, including problem and technology assessment, design and coding, testing, and ongoing support
  • Configuration and testing of critical integration modules of ecommerce, order management, BOPIS, customer helpdesk, and other commercial and open source technology
  • Proof of concept building with follow-on support of internal client development teams through design, coding, and testing
  • Assessment and mitigation of security and compliance vulnerabilities in web-facing and enterprise-facing systems
  • Cloud migrations of on-premises systems, including development of and/or integration with web services utilizing best-of-breed containerization and virtualization technologies
  • Big data / AI solutions, allowing retailers to leverage operational data to track and predict purchase trends, mitigate fraud, target promotional spending, and more

A Retail-Friendly Delivery Model

We understand the time and financial pressures today’s retailers are under. That’s why TekValley offers retailers a blended delivery model that correctly balances onshore access to top designers, architects, and principal engineers with more production oriented offshore talent for highest business value, fastest delivery, and lowest cost. Our mission is to empower you, not disrupt you — starting with our first meeting.