How We Work

TekValley’s development approach is specifically geared toward solving the three main challenges companies face when moving from legacy environments into their digital future:

  • How to achieve fast time to value but without business disruption.
  • High to incur low total cost of ownership but with high quality.
  • How to provide an improved user experience but with a short learning curve.

Solving these challenges requires both the right technology and the right collaborative style. That’s why we've built our development approach on our key pillars

One Hundred Percent Transformational, Zero percent Transactional

The Pillars of Digital Transformation


Nothing delights our customers more than showing them working software soon after they start working with us (and continuously thereafter). They also like how we work incrementally, consultatively, and collaboratively, so stakeholders can provide constant feedback as deliverables evolve, so that what they want is what they get, and so users can “ease into” new technology. Such are the benefits of agile.


“Working” software isn’t really working until it’s in production. That’s where DevOps comes in. Leveraging automated continuous integration, TekValley unites architects, developers, testers, and operations within a DevOps culture across organizational silos to dramatically accelerate process innovation in response to changing conditions — whether regulatory, market driven, or otherwise.