Get Cloud Right

We make no assumptions. The best cloud solution is unique to your business.

The opportunities to leverage cloud computing are well known and exist almost everywhere: Lower cost of ownership. Reduced administrative complexity. Easier data access. Less risk of downtime and data loss. Faster technology upgrades. Enhanced scalability. The list goes on.

But the competitive advantages your business can derive from cloud (and the best way to get them) depend on a variety of factors that carry different weight depending on your particular organization.

Here are some of the key factors TekValley considers when we undertake a cloud project:

  • Available opportunities to disrupt your market
  • Sensitivity of your industry to technology innovation
  • Size and variability of compute workloads
  • Distribution and intensity of data producers and consumers
  • Opportunities to streamline processes and integrate silos
  • Cloud readiness of your existing applications
  • Suitability of “best fit” off-the-shelf and open source technology
  • Cost/benefit of custom applications
  • Security and compliance concerns

Strong in Agile and DevOps

TekValley carefully assesses these and other factors as we plan and orchestrate a carefully designed program — based on our tailored agile and DevOps methodologies — to digitally empower your business.

TekValley is an early and strong proponent of agile and DevOps. Over the years we’ve undertaken dozens of cloud projects across multiple industries. Our experience shows that in methodology — like technology — a tailored approach works best at leveraging relevant technology, human capital, and legacy investments for achieving fastest time to value.

Because, ultimately, a cloud project isn’t about the cloud. It’s about you getting the agility, resiliency, performance, security, and compliance you need to be successful.