Align IT with Your Business

A great business requires great IT. We help you identify and achieve your IT objectives.

We ask these questions both regarding the IT operation itself and the business generally. After all, we cannot expect to optimize workflows, reduce costs of ownership, and integrate disparate operational silos outside IT until that work is accomplished within IT.

As in all our practices, TekValley takes a “total performance” approach to IT consulting. It comprises a relentless focus on the end-to-end performance of your enterprise as a whole, with your IT operation (and all its constituent parts) in a supporting role. That focus, in turn, requires a deep and comprehensive consideration of all the technologies, and the technology issues, in play. It also requires a complete and deep understanding of all relevant IT tools and practices — encompassing agile and DevOps methodologies — whether based on commercial off-the-shelf, open source, or custom built solutions.

IT consulting is about identifying and implementing the information technologies and practices that align best with your business. It involves asking questions like:

  • What are the key workflows and where can bottlenecks be removed?
  • Where do opportunities for automation exist to lower costs and improve quality?
  • Where can redundancies be removed that waste resources and cause errors?
  • How can data be harvested and weaponized for competitive advantage?
  • How can game changers like cloud and containerization be leveraged?
  • What are the vulnerabilities in terms of security, compliance, reliability, etc.?

Stay Ahead of Disruption

Thought leaders talk about disruption like it’s a good thing. But disruption is only good if you’re the one disrupting competitors, not the other way around — and not if disruption is causing you financial distress or operational havoc.

The stakes for getting IT right have never been higher. Companies are under enormous pressure to do more with less. Data volumes are exploding. End-users are becoming technically smarter and self-empowered. Value chains are becoming ever more integrated. And timeframes — whether for planning, development, or fulfillment — are constantly being compressed.

TekValley understands what’s at stake and how to harness these forces to advantage. Our almost two-decades of experience across multiple industries, solving critical problems demonstrates we can. It’s called a “total performance” approach — and it completely aligns with your business.