Assured Information Compliance

Compliance is the foundation. We build on compliance for better business performance.

Since 2000, TekValley has been building compliant systems in financial services, healthcare, and other information sensitive industries. So compliance is in our DNA — just like it is in the systems and applications we build. Our experience tells us that compliance is not an add-on. It is either embedded within every part of your IT setup (hardware, software, network, operations) or it doesn’t exist.

There is no such thing as being “a little compliant.”

Because we understand systems in total, we understand compliance in total. We bring our “total performance” approach to compliance just like we bring it to all our IT services. That’s how we can view compliance as a performance catalyst, not a performance drag. It’s how you know your systems perform better, are more reliable, and reduce ownership costs — because they are compliant.

Here’s how we apply our total performance approach to our compliance practice:

  • We look at which types of information your systems are required to hold and what industry standards and regulations apply to that information
  • We evaluate key compliance indicators such as who can see the data, who can update the data, and how long the data can be stored
  • We examine and mitigate cyber security measures and potential attack vectors, both from inside and outside the firewall, and whether from a physical or virtual threat
  • If this is an existing system or appliation we identify all gaps, recommend remediation steps, and test these measures to assure compliance is achieved
  • If this is a proposed system or application, we document how compliance requirements are to be met

Tailored to Each Industry and Organization

TekValley carefully assesses these and other factors as we plan and orchestrate a carefully designed program — based on our tailored agile and DevOps methodologies — to digitally empower your business.

While many compliance best practices apply across industries — different industries, such as banking and healthcare — each have their own unique set of compliance requirements, which are evolving and which may vary depending on an organization’s, department’s, or user’s particular role.

TekValley understands these different requirements in detail and how to apply them in different and dynamic situations. So you are assured your compliance requirements are met without incurring unnecessary costs or delays.