Software That’s Not on the Shelf

Don’t want a cookie cutter solution? Don’t hire a cookie cutter development partner.

By the time you decide to deploy custom-built software, you may have already answered several key questions, like: How will you support the software going forward? What about security and compliance? Does the software create significant value-add that users or customers can’t find elsewhere? What technologies offer the most promise in terms of return on investment, market relevance, and lower total cost of ownership?

Our blended onshore/offshore software delivery model assures lowest total cost of ownership from conceptualization and design right through to ongoing support and maintenance. You’ll have immediate access to the software designers and principal engineers while our agile iterative approach carefully takes you through an easy transition to the new software and skillsets you’ll need to achieve your objectives and bring compelling value-add to your users.

TekValley offers a full lifecycle approach to custom software development, addressing all factors in the go/no-go custom-build decision. We address the full range of custom software development needs, including design, development, and ongoing support of:

  • Applications Mobile, desktop, client/server, and cloud-based
  • Big Data Analytics Algorithms, dashboards, reports, and key performance indicators
  • CloudAmazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure based software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) deployments
  • EAI Enterprise Application Integration, comprising the custom “glue” software that enables CRM, ERP, and other enterprise systems (on-prem, cloud, or hybrid) to interoperate successfully
  • ETL Extract, Transform, and Load, comprising the custom software that automates the process of transforming disparate silos of operational data into powerful Big Data repositories
  • Products Conceptualization, prototyping, qualification, development, maintenance, and support of commercial off-the-shelf software
  • SOA Software Oriented Architectures, comprising applications and frameworks based on virtual machines, containers, REST APIs, and microservices

Consult Before You Commit

Based on our broad industry experience and deep technical expertise, TekValley can quickly assess whether custom-build is the right strategy. We will determine whether similar solutions already exist or can be adapted to fit your needs — and for what cost, time, and effort. We can also identify opportunities where custom software can bring significant value-add to the market. These may be initiatives your competitors have either overlooked or deferred because they (or their development partners) lacked the required expertise to tackle these projects cost-effectively.