Migrate infrastructure to Public Cloud (AWS)


  • Deploy compute storage and network.
  • Define security baseline.
  • Connect cloud to enterprise.
  • Establish continuous monitoring.


  • Secure Private VPC with 3 tier virtual network architecture.
  • EC2 (elastic cloud compute) compute instances in multi-region for Disaster recovery.
  • Multi-Availability zones for High availability  with in the region.
  • ELB (elastic loadbalancer ) with autoscaling of underlying compute instances for on demand  scale.
  • Leading from the front to address any issue and business-related query.
  • EBS (elastic block storage) disks with higher IO (input/output operation) density and S3 based storage for object store deployment.
  • IAM (identity and access management)  baseline with Multi factor authentication and hardened role based access control.
  • Route53 (DNS) for enhanced and secure DNS.
  • Site-Site IPSEC and Remote access SSL VPN to enterprise for secure network connectivity.