Buy Online Pickup In Store

One of the biggest retail store recognizes that many customers may prefer to shop online, but pick items up at a local retail store to avoid shipping charges and eliminating the delivery delay. Moreover, based on the industry research, on average, forty percent of the customers that come to stores to pick up online purchases buy additional items, increasing the overall company revenue. IBM® Sterling Order Management System provides the capability of implementing/extending the Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) solution that allows customers to place e-commerce orders that are processed against retail inventory.

The solutions synthesizing a complete and correct picture of the retail inventory in Sterling Order Management System (OMS). Using the inventory picture available in the Sterling OMS to surface retail inventory to potential BOPIS customers and capture BOPIS demand. It enables fulfilling BOPIS orders through orders picking in retail stores. To support the BOPIS solution, the inventory data is provided to the e-Com via RTAM and ATP services. The Inventory Service caches the inventory data in such a way that if the e-commerce application requests inventory information for a cached item, item, the Inventory Service does not need to interact with Sterling services and can provide the answer immediately. Otherwise, the Inventory Service retrieves the latest inventory levels through the ATP service and caches it before providing the information to the caller.

Technological and Architectural Achievements.

  • Implemented end to end Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) solution.
  • Responsible for overall design, development and solution for critical integration modules for BOPIS project - ATP, ECDD, RTAM, Order Create interfaces.
  • Implemented BOPIS Item and Store Feed and to ensure correct data is posted from external systems MDM/RMS.
  • Published correct store inventory picture from Sterling to external systems like DTCMO and eCommerce by implementing RTAM and ATP modules.
  • Leading from the front to address any issue and business-related query.
  • Working with cross functional teams like MDM/eCom/TIBCO to help resolve any dependency.
  • Responsible for successful Build and Deployment including CDT and code build using GitHub.