Highly Configurable Workflow Management System is a complete Custom application built by the TekValley Development team and is part of one of the largest bank suite of applications that is primarily a completely configurable workflow management system wherein the teams and departments can define and configure their own Project Management work flows. Apart from being a comprehensive Project Management tool, it also serves as a Document Management system and Approval system. It is potentially extensible to accommodate any new Workflow Types.Some of the feature sets include but are not limited to: Administration Console, Meeting Manager,Approval Manager, Tasks and Notification Engine.

Technology Stack– Azure Cloud Computing, .NET Framework, Silverlight Web Framework, RIA Services, MVVM architecture, Entity Framework, REST Services and SQL Server.

Technological and Architectural Achievements.

  • Complete Configurable and Customizable Workflow Engine.
  • Graphical Workflow Editor and complex forms modeling at Run time.
  • Business Intelligence integration with Cognos.
  • Highly secure application built by following open web applications security Protocol (OWASP).
  • Easily usable, Highly scalable and completely extensible architecture..

Use Case for the need of Highly Configurable Workflow Management System.

  • There was no centralized place to store all the Project’s documents.
  • Manager’s and Executive approvals were done primarily through emails.
  • Because of the lack of any digital application for the Project Management needs, there were no metrics available or analytics done on the data collected.
  • There was no notifications or Tasks reminder system to assist Project and Product Manager.
  • The lack of any centralized repository system was a major concern for the security of the sensitive documents.

Business Benefits of Highly Configurable Workflow Management System.

  • A one-stop solution for all the Project Management needs.
  • Complete Configurable System for each team to define their own workflow needs.
  • A Centralized and secure repository to store all the Projects documentation.
  • Meeting Management Module assists the team in conducting and recording their meetings.
  • Approval Manager Module provides a Dashboard view to executives to complete their document and executive approvals.
  • Close to Five hundred Project and Product Managers use the application to meet their Project Management needs..