Multi touchpoint Advertisement delivery and management System.

MTAMS is the primary messaging tool used by one of the largest Banking to deploy Advertising on the ATM. MTAMS is potentially scalable to deploy advertising media to other touch devices like Pin Pad, kiosk etc. MTAMS provides a rich set of functionalities to achieve its objective which include but at not limited to: IUtility Configuration Console.

Technology Stack– Azure Cloud Computing, .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, REST Services and SQL Server..

Technological and Architectural Achievements.

  • Creation of flexible requisition Console and Media Console..
  • Creation of seamless integration of application core with the peripheral applications – AMP, HPCA.
  • Highly secure application built by following open web applications security Protocol (OWASP).
  • Easily usable, Highly scalable and completely extensible architecture..

Use Case for the need of MTAMS.

  • The advertising creation was manual, time consuming and labor intensive..
  • The process of Deployment Package generation was manual.
  • The Package Deployment process to ATM’s was manual.
  • Because of the lack of any digital application for the advertising campaigns, there were no metrics available or analytics done on the data collected.
  • There was no notifications or Tasks reminder system to assist Campaign Managers on the success or failure of the Advertisements.

Business Benefits of MTAMS.

  • A one-stop solution for all the Advertising and Marketing team needs.
  • Automation of the complete advertising Workflow led to reduction of paperwork and time consuming process of getting necessary approvals.
  • A Centralized and secure repository to store all the Campaign Documents and Media.
  • Automation of the Requisition process.
  • Automation of the Package Generation and Package Deployment Process.
  • Collection of metrics on the usage of the advertising led to improvement and fine tuning of the campaigns..