Non-Financial transaction processing middleware/

The NTPM has been designed as a dedicated agent to store and forward customer responses to Advertising displayed at the ATM’s depending on Business rules. Apart from customer responses, the ATM Response Manager also processes specified Hardware malfunctions that result in a bad customer experience by way of sending atonement letters/emails and creating Problem tickets automatically in response to such events. It also servers as a sole repository of all ATM Advertising impressions.

Technology Stack––.NET Framework, Entity Framework, REST Services and SQL Server.

Technological and Architectural Achievements.

  • A Service Broker completely built on Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Highly reliable application which provided 24/7 real time processing.
  • Serves as a Non-Financial fulfillment channel.
  • A fully functional Monitoring console that provides feedback and monitors various services and servers thus helps in maintaining high availability of the applications.
  • Complete Integration with Enterprise wide System of Records.
  • Highly secure application built by following open web applications security Protocol (OWASP).
  • Easily usable, Highly scalable and completely extensible architecture.

Use Case for the need of NTPM.

  • No Metrics were reported on the Advertising impressions.
  • No Fulfillment Channel for the Non-Financial transactions.
  • No metrics or data was available for the ATM Hardware Malfunctions such as Jams at the ATM’s.
  • The downstream Customer Service applications had no way of knowing beforehand of any problems faced by the customers at the ATM’s which led to bad customer experience.

Business Benefits of NTPM.

  • A one-stop System of Records for all the Advertising impressions.
  • Acts as a fulfillment channel for the Non-financial transactions thus reducing the burden on core Financial engines.
  • Gives complete visibility to the Downstream Customer Service applications of any customer issues faced at the ATM’s by automatically creating Problem tickets with relevant information..